Friday, April 18, 2008

Energy Legislation Success Story

Greetings! Here’s a success story.

Brigid Dodge, Donna Jones, and Theresa Peterson wrote a letter on Energy Legislation that was sent to Gabrielle LeDoux and other state legislators, and was also published in the Kodiak Daily Mirror, thanks to editor Betsy Lund.

Jerrold Friend had a quarter-hour private meeting with Gov. Palin at which he stressed the same points: put surplus oil money into a conservation and weatherization program, using state agencies and info already in place, and make a permanent contribution to Alaska’s energy savings and independence.

Thanks also to all who may be unknown to us and worked to make these programs come about. There are surely others on the Sustainable Kodiak listserve who contributed to the passing of these bills.

Donna Elizabeth

From: LIO Kodiak

Addressing High Energy Costs

Expanding Home Energy Conservation and Weatherization Programs

Senate Bill 289 expands two home energy and weatherization programs operated by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation to help Alaskan families cope with record high home heating costs.

Renewable Energy Fund

House Bill 152 creates a renewable energy fund and deposits $50 million per year over the next five years into the Renewable Energy Fund. The Alaska Energy Authority would administer the fund through grants for renewable energy projects. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009. AEA would then submit the grants to the Legislature for funding as part of the capital budget process.

Once signed by the Governor this act would take effect immediately, according to the bill.

Lorna & Heather

Kodiak Legislative Information Office

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