Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall, 2008

Schedule for Sustainable Kodiak, Fall 2008

Monday, Oct. 13: 7-9pm Sustainable Kodiak general meeting at Refuge Center meeting room

Monday, Nov. 10: 7-9pm Sustainable Kodiak general meeting at Refuge Center meeting room

Lisa Hupp will present a report on the ICLEI community-wide carbon emissions survey. Not to be missed!

Monday, Dec 8: 7-9pm Sustainable Kodiak general meeting at Refuge Center meeting room

Sustainable Kodiak special guest lecturer Rich Siefert , in partnership with Kodiak College Community Engagement committee: Scheduling still in progress. We hope to have programs including a public awareness evening lecture, focusing on how to take advantage of the energy conservation funding and why it is so important to do so, and a retrofit workshop another day. (It is three hours long and updated since the one last fall.) Another topic which will likely be timely is "Burning wood for heat safely".


Meetings of interest

October 11 to November 8

Organic Gardening class. Instructor: Marion Owen. Learn how to reduce your food bills by growing your own vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruiting shrubs. Fall is an important time for every garden and this dynamic class introduces organic methods and materials for ecological gardening practices: soil management and improvement, composting, harvesting, storage, mulching and more. To sign up, call Kodiak College, 486-1235

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bioneers in Alaska- Sustainable Communities and Kodiak workshop

5th Annual Bioneers in Alaska Conference

"Creating Sustainable Communities"

October 17-19, 2008, University of Alaska, Anchorage

The annual Bioneers in Alaska conference brings together Alaskans to explore practical and innovative ways to live more sustainably and strengthen our communities. Highlights of the 2008 conference include: keynote speakers David C. Korten and Lisa Dolchok, workshops on renewable energy for Alaska, growing community through local food, protecting the health of present and future generations and other vital issues of our times, presentations via satellite from the 19th Annual Bioneers Conference in California and abundant networking opportunities. Bioneers in Alaska is for everybody! Early registration through September 21. Scholarships and Work Exchange opportunities available. For more information or to register, visit , or email . Phone: (907) 677-9087. Bioneers in Alaska is a project of the Alaska Center for Appropriate Technology.

Community Sustainability Initiatives: Highlights from Anchorage, Homer and Kodiak (day and time to be announced, Theresa Peterson will speak for 10 minutes on Kodiak during this workshop)

Spurred by concerns over the impacts of climate change, Alaskan communities large and small are taking tangible steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the process, communities are engaging in broader discussions of sustainability. In this workshop we will highlight new steps the Municipality of Anchorage is taking to promote a sustainable city and how citizen-led efforts in Homer and Kodiak are helping to shape public policy, fuel local foods movements and stimulate green business development. From expansion of curbside recycling in Anchorage to Homer’s ambitious Climate Action Plan, communities are leading the way to a more sustainable future. This workshop is for anyone wishing to learn more about positive change taking place in Alaskan communities right now and specific ways you can ignite and/or support such efforts in your community.

Kudos to Theresa Peterson for presenting on our own community at this event!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Island Harvester Labor Day Picnic

A summary and catch-up of the Labor Day Picnic

By Switgard Duesterloh

Despite the bad weather during the days before the picnic, it actually did not rain during the picnic and we had a fire and BBQ going (thanks to Hans-Ullrich Tsersich). There were a total of 19 people (incl. 3 children), though some left early and others came late.

We had some great foods, many of which contained locally harvested components. There was a great chunk of white king salmon on the bbq that was donated (ask Hans-Ullrich for the donor's name) and 3 packs of locally made salmon hot dogs who were taken home and enjoyed by several of the attendees. These were donated as samples by the Kodiak Solstix company.

In addition, there was smoked silver salmon, a salmon dip, a potato-salmon-bean salad, a great blueberry pie and locally harvested lettuce. Mary brought some oven-fresh bread with locally harvested poppy-seeds and calendula flower petals, and I had made blueberry juice.

Besides the food sampling there was a great opportunity to sit around a fire and exchange recipes, ideas, and information. Some went to pick salmonberries around the picnic site.

I had organized a plastic/aluminum recycling container from threshold (they have some "event containers" available for loan) but we didn't need it because NO plastic or paper cups, nor throw-away silverware were used at this event!

Overall we would have hoped for more attendance but owing to the rainy and stormy day were pleased about the number of people that did show up. A good time was had by all and when all was over, the rain began to fall again and put out the smoldering remains of our camp fire.