Friday, September 5, 2008

Island Harvester Labor Day Picnic

A summary and catch-up of the Labor Day Picnic

By Switgard Duesterloh

Despite the bad weather during the days before the picnic, it actually did not rain during the picnic and we had a fire and BBQ going (thanks to Hans-Ullrich Tsersich). There were a total of 19 people (incl. 3 children), though some left early and others came late.

We had some great foods, many of which contained locally harvested components. There was a great chunk of white king salmon on the bbq that was donated (ask Hans-Ullrich for the donor's name) and 3 packs of locally made salmon hot dogs who were taken home and enjoyed by several of the attendees. These were donated as samples by the Kodiak Solstix company.

In addition, there was smoked silver salmon, a salmon dip, a potato-salmon-bean salad, a great blueberry pie and locally harvested lettuce. Mary brought some oven-fresh bread with locally harvested poppy-seeds and calendula flower petals, and I had made blueberry juice.

Besides the food sampling there was a great opportunity to sit around a fire and exchange recipes, ideas, and information. Some went to pick salmonberries around the picnic site.

I had organized a plastic/aluminum recycling container from threshold (they have some "event containers" available for loan) but we didn't need it because NO plastic or paper cups, nor throw-away silverware were used at this event!

Overall we would have hoped for more attendance but owing to the rainy and stormy day were pleased about the number of people that did show up. A good time was had by all and when all was over, the rain began to fall again and put out the smoldering remains of our camp fire.

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