Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eco-tourism in Kodiak

Local tour operators Harry and Brigid Dodge have qualified! They will be reporting briefly at the Sept. 25 Sustainable Kodiak meeting (6:30 pm at Kodiak College) on eco-tourism certification and encouraging anyone who does charters, tours, and trips to certify their own businesses.

Here are some excerpts: Adventure Green Alaska: Tourism Certification Program
Your guide to sustainable tourism in Alaska!

"Are you thinking about a trip to Alaska but want to use tourism businesses that care for the environment, are sensitive to Alaska's Native cultures and rural way of life, and are good community citizens? Are you confused by the multitude of companies that describe their business as "green" or "ecotourism"? We created Adventure Green Alaska (AGA) for people like you."

Business Spotlight

Kodiak Treks, owned and operated by Brigid and Harry Dodge

The key to Kodiak Treks success has been maintaining a focus on the health of the environment and wildlife species that attract our guests. Balance is critical since we aim to share the beauty of Kodiak Island with nature enthusiasts from around the world while minimizing impact on bears, other animal species, and the entire ecosystem that supports them. We strive to instruct guests how to behave respectfully in bear country as opposed to trying to train bears to accept human presence for our own economic gain.

By offering a small-group experience (6-guest maximum) we are able to closely manage each group and spend time with our guests in a personal setting. The small group design also allows us to run the lodge on solar power and minimize fossil fuel consumption.

Kodiak Treks Sustainability Principles:

* Minimizing impact on wildlife
* Small group and staff size
* Education-based program
* Investment in local community
* Relationships with land managers

Congratulations and thanks to the Dodges for leading the way to a new area of sustainable business and life in Kodiak!

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