Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Celebrating International Climate Change Action Day: 'A Sea Change'

On Thursday, October 15, at 6pm at the refuge visitor center downtown AMCC will sponsor a showing of the movie

“A Sea Change” by John Pierre Gattuso. Kodiak scientist Bob Foy is a leader in Ocean Acidification Research and will be present to answer questions after the showing. Don’t miss this!! Bring the family.

Here is a review excerpt from Southern Fried Movies:
Stop whatever you are doing and immediately make plans to go see “A Sea Change”. Why are you still reading this review? Ok, if you need convincing, read on, but it will be time you could have spent seeing one of the best environmental documentaries of all time.

“A Sea Change” is about ocean acidification, which could well be the worst problem you’ve never heard of. This was one of the first major screenings- another was earlier this week at the U.N.

The movie follows a retired history teacher named Sven Huseby as he travels the world learning about this problem. This style is unique and works very well- he isn’t a scientist, he’s a regular guy who is concerned and is trying to learn from the experts.

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To learn more about the International Day of Action on Climate Change go to

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