Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Press Coverage in Kodiak

This article by North Star Elementary student Will Dumm appeared in the December 3 issue of North Star Navigators newsletter. Will is a member of the Journalism Club.

Sustainable Kodiak

Written by Will Dumm

November 12th at the college, the fourth “Sustainable Kodiak” meeting was held. “Sustainable Kodiak” is a group that is open to the public and is “working to identify, practice, and promote sustainable methods and technologies to benefit our island community and surrounding ocean.” The first meeting held was mostly about what other communities have done and what people would like to see happen here in Kodiak. The next two meetings held were dedicated to compiling an inventory of what people have already done in Kodiak. Finally, the fourth meeting held was dedicated to deciding on small groups that would work individually on different ideas for the community.

If you are interested in being part of this group the next meeting will be Monday, December 10 at 7:15 at the college. Meetings are held every other week alternating Mondays and Thursday s. Monday meetings will be held at Kodiak College while Thursday meetings will be held at Fisherman’s Hall. “Sustainable Kodiak” has an informative blog at:

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Ishmael said...

Some darn fine writing, and a great primer on the Sustainable Kodiak group. I just was referred to your site tonight.

I've blogged many times about how Kodiak should become a model for sustainability. KEA is putting up a couple windmills... I say why not 50? or 100? Wave-action electric generators are becoming available. There's a story out of Juneau today about their turning fishwaste into biodiesel -- well, aren't we the fourth largest fishing port in the nation? Let's get it on!