Monday, December 3, 2007

Sustainable Kodiak Interest Group Members,

November 2007

Business initiatives, Chamber of Commerce, tourism, ecotourism:

Martine Chenet, Elisa Russ, Pam Foreman, Hans Tschersich

Energy and energy efficiency:

Cliff Ford, Don Dumm, Val Miller

Getting the message out, press, radio, newspapers, speakers, documentaries and films, Resource Guide:

Dr. Bob Johnson, John Alan Jones, Laine Welch, Elisa Russ, Anne Niebler

Internal communications:

Theresa Peterson, Lisa Hupp, Donna Elizabeth Jones, Erin Harrington

Local environmental initiatives, Borough and City, ICLEI:

Jerrol Friend, Ben Millstein, Theresa Peterson

Local and regional food production and cuisine, community gardens, farmer’s market:

Donna Elizabeth Jones, Marion Owen, Martine Chenet, Erin Harrington, Betsy Lund, Marie Rice, Anne Niebler, Deborah Dorminio (USCG)

New ferry dock/ viable downtown:

Laine Welch, Dr. Bob Johnson

Recycling, composting: SWAB:

Ben Millstein, Marion Owen

Schools, public involvement:

Tricia Hegge

Steering committee/ meeting agenda: Theresa Peterson, John Alan Jones, Donna Elizabeth Jones

Transportation, bikes, trails, electric cars:

Andy Schroeder, Don Dumm, Hans Tschersich, Erin Harrington

We welcome new members, new focus groups, and new ideas. Please let us know how we can support your project, presentation or organization!

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