Friday, December 7, 2007

Radio Interview on Kodiak's 'Island of Lights'

The Island of Lights program is once again brightening the city of Kodiak during the darkest winter months. But this year, there’s an energy-saving twist. KMXT’s Jay Barrett spoke with Kodiak Parks and Recreation Director Ian Fulp about the switch to light-emitting diodes, or L-E-Ds. Last year, the cost of electricity was over five-thousand-dollars. This year it will be much less.

Fulp said that before the L-E-Ds were in use, each electric snowflake drew 500 watts and the lights on the trees 750 watts each. This year the snowflakes are down to 65 watts and the trees are down to 240 watts. To further save energy, the city is considering running the lights only two months this year, instead of the usual three.

Hear a three minute audio clip at KMXT’s site here:

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