Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Action Item: House Bill 288 ("Net Metering")

Help promote renewable energy in Alaska – Support HB 288, a bill to support “Net Metering”

Public Hearing on Friday, February 1, 2008 at 3:00 pm


What is “Net Metering?”

Net metering allows consumers who own small, renewable energy systems, such as wind or solar power, to sell the excess energy they produce back to their local utility.

What Would HB 288 Do?

House Bill (HB) 288, introduced by Representative Paul Seaton (R – District 35) is a bill that would put net metering in place in Alaska, one of the few states left in the nation without such a policy. Net metering is current policy in 42 states and Washington D.C.

Why Does AMCC Support HB 288?

Encouraging the use of clean energies in Alaska will help reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions which are the leading cause of climate change. AMCC supports initiatives at all levels of government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as we work to advance solutions that will protect the long-term health of marine ecosystems and sustain our coastal communities.

What You Can Do

  1. Please testify in support of HB 288. The State House of Representatives Labor & Commerce Committee will hold a Public Hearing on Friday, February 1st at 3:00 pm. You can testify at your local Legislative Information Office (LIO). (See Talking Points below.) For a directory of Legislative Information Offices in Alaska, go to: http://w3.legis.state.ak.us/misc/lios.php

  1. Please forward this action alert on to other Alaskan residents – Thank you!

How Can I Learn More About HB 288?

Please contact Alan Parks in AMCC’s Homer office at (907) 235-3826 or email: alan@akmarine.org

Talking Points in Support of Net Metering Bill (HB 288)

Net metering is good for Alaska’s economy --

- It provides Alaskans, who want to lower their electric bills and conserve energy, incentive to install photovoltaic panels and small wind and water turbines.

- HB 288 will help produce jobs on the local level by creating a market for the manufacturing and servicing of these small-scale renewable energy systems.

- A household’s excess electricity will be bought by the local utility, so families will not have to install expensive battery storage systems, which will lower the pay-back time for their investment in renewable energy equipment.

Net metering is good for conservation --

- Renewable energy generation systems will help break Alaskans’ dependence on fossil fuels, add to the diversification of Alaska’s current energy portfolio, and help lessen the environmental footprint associated with electricity generation and consumption.

- By connecting small-scale renewable energy generation systems to the electricity grid, it will ensure that all of the energy produced by these systems will be used. Without net metering some of the excess energy would be wasted.

Net metering is also good for our public utilities --

- Net metering increases the energy in the power grid to keep up with demand during peak power-use times. For instance --Wind generators will provide power during the windy winter months, when the wind causes heat loss from buildings; however, that is the time when more power can be produced from wind generation.

- Although net metering may slightly reduce utility revenues, within HB 288 is a cap on the amount of renewable energy that can be generate by the consumer. This cap will minimize the financial loss to the utility while stimulating substantial growth in renewable energy use.

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