Friday, January 4, 2008

Impressive Fairbanks Energy Plan

The Interior Issues Council has been working on a sustainable
and transitional energy plan for Fairbanks and the railbelt for a while
now. This is their quite worthy product.

The Cost of Energy Taskforce is happy to announce that the Fairbanks Energy
Plan is complete and has been placed on the FEDCO website at Please forward
this notice to others who may have an interest in the cost of energy or more
importantly those who would like to help improve the cost of energy

If you only have fifteen seconds, look at the first two pages. The first
page, listed below for convenience, shows the objectives that can be
achieved through implementation of the Fairbanks Energy Plan as shown in
pictorial summary on the second page.
Page 1: Achievable Objectives of the Fairbanks Energy Plan

Fairbanks Energy Vision Statement:
Be the World Leader in Responsible Energy Use and Supply.

Achievable Objectives under the Fairbanks Energy Strategic Business Plan:
1. Be energy self-sufficient.
2. Reduce Interior Alaska yearly energy costs by $100,000,000.
3. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions to zero.
4. Reduce sulfur emissions to near zero.
5. Reduce heavy metal emissions to near zero.
6. Reduce airborne Particulate Matter (PM2.5) to near zero.
7. Utilize tainted water from TAPS and municipal wastewater.
8. Replace base load aging electric generation for 100 years plus.
9. Diversify the Alaskan economic base.
10. Create economic en ergy, but use it wisely.
11. Grow a culture of energy use awareness and responsibility.
12. Create local jobs in both the supply and responsible use of energy.
13. Grow the local economy through construction and beyond.
14. Enhance partnership with UAF research to resolve local energy issues.
15. Build opportunities for the education and wise use of energy.
16. Invest in long term Alaskan infrastructure.
17. Ensure local control of Alaskan energy businesses.
18. Supply energy products for existing homes and vehicles.
19. Retain wealth in Interior Alaska.
20. Increase disposable income.
21. Shift from non-renewable fuels to sustainable local fuels.
22. Use carbon-neutral fuels rather than using sequestration.
23. Provide a robust vision for all plausible futures.
24. Provide a future for our children, grandchildren and great
25. Brand Fairbanks as: "The place to be, for energy".
The final narrative has been updated to include the final wording from the
Hydroelectric, Conservation/Efficiency Increases and Distributed Generation

Thank you to the entire taskforce for your persistence, sharing, wisdom,
respect, knowledge, open discussions, challenging of assumptions and working
together to resolve issues. This repor t is a tribute to your ability,
individually and as a group, to collectively capture the essence of creative
problem solving with a very diverse group. It has been my pleasure to work
with each and every one of you.

Happy New Year
Steven Haagenson, Chair
(907) 456-1178 home
(907) 460-7184 cell

Thanks to Susan Payne for sharing this!

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